Official Board

We’ll start the new conference year off with an Official Board meeting. During this meeting on November 11th at 10am, we’ll start planning out our year. The pastor will send to the leader of our components and auxiliaries a “to-do” list to prepare for this meeting.

The Official Board is the administrative body of the local church. It plans and directs the total program of St. Andrews, under the leadership of the pastor, thus directing the church’s day-to-day work in every detail. The Official Board shall be composed of all the class leaders, exhorters, deaconesses, stewards, trustees, stewardesses, and presidents of all organizations of a station, circuit, or mission, including the president of the Lay Organization.

The Official Board shall contribute to the funds collected for the church, pastor, presiding elder, the poor, and general funds. The paster shall be a member of the Board and its chairperson ex-officio. The Board shall elect annually a secretary and a treasurer. A steward shall be elected secretary, if there is one competent to hold this office.


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