Women’s History Month 2024

Telling HERStory! Women’s History Month 2024

March 3 – Rev. Sandra Smith Blair

March 10 – Rev. Dr. Tanisha Sparks

March 17 – Pastor Christa Armstead

March 24 – Rev. Dr. Tammie Denyse

It’s March and Women’s History Month! Recognizing the many ways in which women have made significant contributions to Christian history is, in our opinion, crucial. Women have always been an integral part of God’s plan to bring glory to God and further His kingdom. They have done it all: survived the unsurvivable, helped the downtrodden, trained the next generation, risked their lives to go to unknown lands as missionaries, penned books full of sound doctrine, and much more. Throughout the month of March, we will be honoring Black woman who have made significant contributions to the St. Andrews faith community, shining a light on women entrepreneurs, and highlighting outstanding women in ministry.